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There's multiple ways to do this and correspondingly multiple solutions, but the simplest is just to connect each triangle to the square along an edge (since that then shares two vertices and an edge, twice). Counting Faces, Vertices and Edges.
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    A solid figure can be defined by the number and combination of certain parts.

  • The faces are the triangle sides and the square bottom.
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    A cuboid has 12 edges.

  • We also include the number of edges, faces and vertices of the most common shapes.
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  • Direct link to Hecretary Bird's post “A face is a flat surface.
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    In graph theory, edges, by definition, join two vertices (no more than two, no less than two).

  • A vertex (plural: vertices) is a point where two or more line segments meet.
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    This can be written: F + V − E = 2.