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Here is Nahla! She's just the sweetest lil' girl! I didn't know that the powder puffs were a thing before she came to me! They are so cute! Nahla has been he. You can adopt a Chinese Crested at a much lower cost than buying one from a breeder.
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  • They range in weight from five to 12 pounds (two to five kilograms) and stand from nine to 13 inches at the shoulder.
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  • Rough play may irritate the skin of a Chinese Crested.
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    Chinese crested puppy for sale!!! Lucky last one needing a home.

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    Two distinct varieties can be born in the same litter: hairless — hair on the head, tail and feet only and.

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  • A Quick Guide to the Chinese Crested Powderpuff.
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    The distinction is generally defined by the coat – the Hairless type has no hair except for key points on its head, chest, tail.

  • In this three part series, learn from the best, Kay Peiser! She shares how to show groom a Powder Puff as well as a Hairless.
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    very good, mellow and quiet.